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Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Dispensers - Standard Model

Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser Holder Bathroom Restroom
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    Paper Dispensers
    Includes Frame & Tube
  • #TP-1     $33.95
    1 Roll 5 1/8" Length
  • #TP-2     $39.95
    2 Roll 10 1/4" Length
  • #TP-3     $45.95
    3 Roll 15 1/2" Length
  • #TP-4     $54.95
    4 Roll 20" Length
    Model #TP Specs

    anti-spin protection Click Here


    All prices
    F.O.B. Grand Rapids, MI

Locking Restroom durable fixture
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#TP-LOCK     $5.50

Lockable washroom lavatory holder fixture
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#TP-CLIP     $1.50

toilet roll accessory core or coreless
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    Replacement Tubes
  • #TP-1 TUBE    $10.50
    1 Roll Replacement Tube
  • #TP-2 TUBE    $10.50
    2 Roll Replacement Tube
  • #TP-3 TUBE    $10.50
    3 Roll Replacement Tube
  • #TP-4 TUBE    $10.50
    4 Roll Replacement Tube
  • #PTH TUBE    $10.50
    Roll Towel Replacement Tube
       *Coreless tubes available upon request
Lockable Paper Towel Holder commercial household roll
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Stock #PTH     $45.95
12 1/2" Length

Indispensable Dispensers!
You can’t do without Royce Rolls quality TP-Dispensers. They’re tough-built, hard to scratch or dent and virtually pilfer-proof when teamed with a sturdy Master Lock™. If value, not vandalism, is a concern try our easy-to-use TP-Clip.

Our dispensers are made of heavy gauge, rust proof, type 304 stainless steel with no moving parts. This assures many years of service with little or no maintenance. They’re a cinch to install, clean and refill and you have a choice of a TP-1, 2, 3 or 4 or our paper towel roll dispenser!

Durable, sturdy, 18 gauge, type 304 stainless frame. 20 gauge, 11/8" diameter stainless tube fits all rolls. Optional Master® locks are keyed alike. Anti-theft design and four sizes to meet your needs. 10 year guarantee against breakage! Easy to keep clean!

Jumbo Industrial Dispenser
Hinged all stainless steel dispensers with see through indicator for ease of use and refill. Available in two sizes.
Tissue bathroom restroom
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Stock #JR10
10 1/2" Diam x 4 1/2" Deep

Stock #JR14
14 1/2" Diam x 4 1/2" Deep

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